Thursday, November 08, 2007

Free Stuff! On The Internet!

Two memes in one day! I got this one from bridgett:

"There’s a gifting meme going on (I saw it at Patti’s place and she got it from Green Duckies), who got it from Udge, so here’s the deal:

1. The first three commenters to sign up for the meme here and post the same promise on their blogs will receive a smallish present (aka a “thingy”) from me at some point during the next year.

2. I make no promises about what exactly you’ll get or when you’ll get it. Other bloggers have made specific offers of useful and beautiful objects at a date certain; I am not nearly that together. I can promise you that it won’t be anything alive (no starts of sourdough!), it won’t be anything that is too geeky (Hey! Look! Mint condition reissued Stormtrooper figurines from 2003’s Star Wars Mania at my house!)…but beyond that, I can’t narrow it down.

To send this gift, I’ll have to have an address, so those who really really want to blog anonymously should not play."

Free gifts! I will probably send out enlarged photos, but possibly it could be a painting (a halfway-decent painting, I promise!), or something else. As bridgett says above, you will need to be willing to send me your address to play. I promise not to stalk you.


Charming Sam said...

O.k., so I found you through the comments section of WorkitMom. They have been kind enough to run a contest for me ( and for whatever wild reason I thought your comment was interesting so I followed it back to your blog. (This is how I get sucked in to reading the Internet all day and never getting as much done as I'd like!) While I don't need you to mail me anything....I do think your blog is hilarious. Thanks for the little brightening of my day. And, hey if you send me your address I'll send YOU something. :-)

Rockycat said...

Thanks so much, charming sam! I absolutely love the art you're creating. I'll send you my address right away!

bridgett said...

Rocky, sorry that I had to take my address out of circulation so fast. You wouldn't believe how ingenious the automatic trawlers have gotten. I thought I was being slick by spelling out "dot" and I've spent the last 24 hours deleting spam from Nigerian banks and getting rid of Viagra ads.

I'm going to try this a different way and see if it turns into a spam trigger:

william b (remove the space)
at sign (you know the one)
mail (and a period)
strose (and a period)

Rockycat said...

Thanks bridgett! And thanks for a heads-up about the spam.

Danger said...

HEY! Only two people said anything! Is it too late to be the third?