Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

Ok, a quick break from The Spec That Would Not Die to tell the story about how I found The Best Christmas Present Ever!

My sister Texas is a golfer. She has been golfing for years, and since she retired, she golfs A LOT. And she is very good. Everyone wants to partner with her in tournaments because she has a habit of winning.

She also collects golfing memorabilia. Especially vintage figurines and statuettes of women golfers from different eras. Unfortunately, that kind of stuff is not easy to find. Even on E-Bay. (Well, there's plenty of tacky crap, but not much good stuff.)

SO, a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday, I was poking around in a local antique(s?) store, and there tucked in a corner was a woman golfer statue. She was about wooden, about two feet high, in Victorian-era (painted-on) clothing, swinging a golf club.

Well, I knew that this would be perfect for Texas. BUT, it was more money than I usually spend on a gift, and I knew that the shipping would cost a fortune, and, most importantly, I didn't know if Texas already had one like it.

So I called Texas that night, described the statue, and she almost had a heart attack. She was all, "Oh, please, buy it buy it buy it, I'll reimburse you for the money, YOU HAVE GOT TO BUY THAT STATUE".

Of course, I went and bought the statue (oh thank God it had not sold), and I am not going to ask for reimbursement, and Texas is going to be very, very happy on Christmas morning.

The Best Christmas Present Ever as Presented by Mastercard:
Woman golfer statue: $97.00
Shipping: $60.00 (gasp)
The satisfaction of finding the perfect present: Priceless

The End.

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listie said...

You are a great sister.