Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Weekend Blah-de-blah

1. They are using backing tracks on America's Next Great Band. WTF? These are (supposedly) musicians, for God's sake - they should be able to play it themselves. Oh, and the lead singer from Sixwire looks just like Sawyer on "Lost".

2. Schmutzie mentioned peanut butter hot dogs in one of her posts, so I gave it a try. Better than it sounds.

3. I am going to kill that fat bastard downstairs if he doesn't stop cranking up his TV volume at five o'clock in the morning. I wish he was (were?) dead. Seriously. I wish he would just. drop. dead.

4. I did three weeks' worth of laundry on Saturday morning. There was a guy at the laundromat who had brought his laundry on his bicycle. Seriously. He had this contraption rigged up to hold a laundry basket on the back of his bike. I felt sorry for him, like, you don't have one friend who would give you (and your laundry) a ride to the laundromat? He was making several trips.

5. I dumped a quart of Engine Oil Stop-Leak into the Saturn's crankcase. Hey, it can't hurt, right? Right?

6. I scored five Better Homes & Gardens magazines from the 1930s for two bucks a pop at the Salvation Army. The ads are hysterical. "Somebody's been helping himself to my lovely Crisco pie .. Thank goodness it's digestible!" Crisco pie? Please tell me it's just the crust she's talking about.

7. I checked in on the great painting giveaway - I left about twenty in the box, and as of Saturday morning, all but three were gone. At least I can GIVE them away. I'm definitely gonna continue this little experiment.

8. I think I had an ex-wedding anniversary sometime this weekend. I know I got married in the early part of November, I think the tenth or eleventh, but possibly the ninth.

9. I paraffin-waxed some leaves this weekend. I haven't done that since I was a kid. Then I did some flowers, too, just to see what would happen. I was going to do the cat, but he wouldn't hold still. (Joke. It's just a joke).

10. While brushing my teeth on Saturday night, I looked down, noticed that I had spilled some food on my shirt (because I am a slob), and used my electric toothbrush to clean off the stain. Oh yes I did! I disgust even myself sometimes.

11. Four eggs makes a lot more egg salad than I thought it would.


k said...

Did the stain come out? Curious because I am always spilling stuff on me and have yet to find a stain remover worth while. Lestoil works but you have to scrub it in and then wait it out a little and soak it...I dont have the time!

Rockycat said...

The stain is mostly gone - I am hoping that the rest will come out in the wash. If not, bye-bye shirt. I don't have the time (or the inclination) to monkey with stain removers either.