Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beauty and the Geek

Ok, ok, I admit that I have been known to occasionally tune in to "Beauty and the Geek". And every time I do, I find myself staring at Sam, the "beauty" guy. He just looks .... odd.

Is it just me? He looks like he was in a car accident, and his face hit the windshield, and after many, many reconstructive surgeries, the doctors are very pleased with the results. He looks ...... plastic. Like a Ken doll.*

Of course, maybe the casting people were just trying to get a "guy beauty" match for the "girl beauties", most of whom also look like they've made the acquaintance of a plastic surgeon or two.

Here's a confession: I try not to leave the house without makeup on. Because I have Rosacea, my skin complexion is .... not the best. Trust me - I look much, much better with some foundation on my face. And honestly, my nose is ...... not small. I mean, it's not HUGE, it's just not a pretty little petite nose like some of my friends have. I got my Dad's nose. Thanks, Dad!
But to let a doctor knock me out and carve me up so I can look better? I don't know about that. And it just amazes me when people who are already pretty "have some work done". It seems like it's cheating, somehow. Cheating at what, I'm not exactly sure.

*(Oh, and he looks crazy, too. When he widens his eyes? Absolutely batshit crazy. Or high on crystal meth.)


Anonymous said...

Just reading your blog for the first time... I also catch beauty and the geek every now and then. He does look awful! His eyes, face, and the way he talks are just not right. I think they could have found someone a little better, worth looking at, don't you think?
btw love your blog

Rockycat said...

Yeah, it's hard to believe that this is the best they could come up with for a good-lookin' guy.

Thanks for stopping by!