Monday, November 19, 2007

Driving 101

I was out shopping on Saturday, and the only parking option available was a parallel-park, so I said "Oh, go for it", and I nailed it! Ha ha! I am the parallel-parking champeen! Remember how nervous you were for the Driver's Test Parallel Park? I was, anyway. I knew if I could just nail that damn parallel-park I'd pass the test, and I did.

I remember when I was taking Driver's Ed in high school, and some of the kids seemed totally mystified by the K-turn. I think it never quite sunk in for some that the basic principle is: Make the car do a letter K in the road.

The boy toy drunk-dialled me Saturday at 2 a.m. I have an extra-loud ringer-thing on my phone, because when I bought my latest phone, even with the ringer turned up to high, I could not hear the phone ringing until the answering machine was picking up. SO, I bought an extra-loud ringer thing, which I am sure my neighbors really appreciate! (Take that, Jabba, you m-f! Although, seriously, I doubt he can hear it over his own special loudness.) So, when the phone rang at 2 a.m., it woke me right up, and for a second I almost had a heart attack, because it is never a good thing when your phone rings in the middle of the night. Especially when your mother has Alzheimer's and will probably start to wander at some point. I started to get out of bed, and then remembered, "oh, the boy toy", waited to hear the answering machine message so I was sure it was him and not some (other) disaster, and went right back to sleep.

And the next morning, when I played the message back, I had to laugh, because he was so drunk/stoned that I could hardly understand what he was saying. That's one phone call I am NOT returning. Not.

Sunday, I left another "free painting" box at another local park. I have now successfully off-loaded (almost) all of my unwanted paintings. Now they can be unwanted in other people's houses. Thanks, folks! Enjoy the paintings!

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