Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Report, aka No Matter What I Do It Involves Cats

First stop Saturday morning was the local rabies clinic.  Tinks was due, and it would have cost $28.00 at my vet's office and $33.00 at Tractor Supply.  Cost at the county-run clinic?  Five bucks.  Sold!

Of course, there WAS a little catch:

But!  It was a beautiful morning, and I knew from past experience that the line moves quickly.  Tinks and I were in and done in half an hour; unfortunately, we are both now DEAF from the f*cking Shih Tzu behind us in line, who shriek-barked for the entire half hour.

The SECOND road trip that day was for an adoption event!

The star of this show was Jughead, who spent the afternoon chillin' in his t-shirt:

 Whenever a dog would go by, the kittens would scramble for the pup tent:

"Is he gone yet?" says India.  See also:  Pete hanging in the litterbox. 

Oh no!  The wicked witch captured a cat!  

These guys are getting to be pros at the whole "adoption event" thing.  Hopefully there will soon be some adoptions!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

A line like that in half an hour, that is efficient!! kudos to them.
Why was the kitten wearing a shirt, and was he adopted??

rockygrace said...

Tails, yeah, the clinic people do a super job, plus they're always really friendly, so it's a nice experience. Well, except for the barking. ha.

And Jughead was wearing a shirt because ... well, because he let me put it on him. :) Kids especially got a big kick out of it. But nope, he's still available!