Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Stuff I've been doing lately

... other than catching strangers' cat, that is.

Let's see, on Saturday I had a little party for one of the groups I volunteer with.

Yeah, my party decorating skills leave something to be desired.  (Those were goodie bags.)  There weren't a ton of attendees, but we managed to demolish a pitcher of whiskey sours between us, so a good time was had by all (I hope.)

Sunday morning I squeezed in a little walk:

And then it was off to the rescue to pick up the next round of vaccines for the kittens.  Sunday afternoon was vaccination time, which was accomplished with the help of a friend.  I will tell you what, some of these kittens are mightily thick-skinned!  And they're getting so big!

It looks like they will be going to the adoption center to stay this coming weekend.  Right now, the plan is that I will keep Rosalita (Mama) here at my house so that her milk will dry up (she's STILL nursing these spoiled little kittens) and she can be spayed.

Bam Bam continues on the meds to try and resolve his breathing issues.  He's also on ear medications for an infection.  I don't know what's in those eardrops, but as soon as he's been dosed and is done shake-shake-shaking his head, the other kittens come running over to lick the leftovers off his fur.

haha yuck!

So that's about it.  I've been trying to shake off a headcold for the last two weeks, and I've got this weird LUMP on the bottom of my foot, and let me tell you what, all you youngsters out there:  Your health goes to SH*T once you hit fifty.  *sigh*

I think paddling is about done for the season, which means my hiking time will be increasing.  I've got to rake the leaves out of the backyard and put them on the gardens, and get the covers on the crawlspace flood vents, and pretty soon it will time for Halloween decorations.  Where did the summer go?


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

that's amusing about the ear meds.

So you going to have that lump on your foot looked at?

Random Felines said...

ewww - licking the ear meds

and we think those goodie bags are cute!

rockygrace said...

Tails, the lump is an evolving story - stay tuned! Ha.

and thanks, Random! The bags leave quite a bit to be desired (those cats look kind of like Bat Boy from World Weekly News) but I ran out of time (as usual) to do anything, well ... better. :)

James P. said...

Do you mean that the kittens are going to stay at the Adoption Center just for the weekend or permanently? (Maybe Squeegee is more comfortable picking on his siblings with HIS TEETH at your house.)

rockygrace said...

The kittens will be going to the adoption center until they find their permanent homes. This is the tough part, but like I always say, they're not going to get adopted hanging out in my spare bedroom, so it's got to be done. *sniff* Special consideration will be given to Bam Bam at the center, considering his health issues. (And if anyone is interested in adopting the world's sweetest special-needs kitten, NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP!) :)

James P. said...

What about Little Jug(head)? Has he been gaining weight to be a healthy kitty?

rockygrace said...

Jughead's doing great! He's caught up to the other kittens and will be just fine.