Thursday, October 06, 2016

Okay, this is just too weird not to share

Did I mention the lump on my foot?  I had a lump on my foot.  One morning last week, I got up, took a shower, went to step out of the shower, and it felt like I'd stepped on a big old pebble.  OUCH!

Except I DIDN'T step on a pebble.  I didn't step on ANYthing, other than the bathroom floor.  It felt like I had a big old LUMP on the bottom of my foot, on the ball-part where the little toe connects.  Except there WASN'T any lump; not anything visible, anyway.  That foot looked exactly like the other foot, except it felt like there was a giant pebble (think somewhere between dime-sized and quarter-sized, and fairly flat, not round) taped to the bottom of my foot, so that each time I'd take a step, I'd have to LURCH.  It wasn't really terribly painful; it just FELT weird, like that part of my foot was asleep and tingly and had a giant pebble taped to it.

Oh lord.  Is it just me?  It's just me, isn't it?

So I hobbled around for a few days, going to work and running errands and setting and checking the cemetery trap, and by last Saturday (the day of the party!  yippee!), I noticed that my foot was starting to bruise.  That whole one side of my foot, along with my little toe, was all black and purple and bruise-y.  And by SUNday, the "lump" feeling was going away.  The foot looked like somebody hit it with a hammer, but at least I wasn't careening madly anymore.

Today?  The foot is still horribly bruised, but it FEELS normal, except for perhaps a little tenderness.

What. da. fuq.

How did I suddenly develop a giant invisible lump on my foot?  And how did it go away?  And why did my foot get all bruise-y?!  It's aliens, isn't it? It's aliens coming to live in my foot.

Given the way things are going lately, that sounds like the most logical explanation.  HA.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

so.. have you had someone look at that yet?

~~Silk said...

Burst bursae?

James P. said...

Aliens? ALIENS??? We wish aliens WERE there to tote you to the doctor in their flying saucers when these various painful things crop up! (Maybe just to one of those gimmicky outpatient places that are open late??? We call them "Emergencies R Us".)

James P. said...

P.S. If we were talking about a kitty cat with a problem, you would take them to the doctor toute suite!

rockygrace said...

I haven't been to a doctor, as it seems to be resolving on its own - phew! I would like to know what it is, though. Although Silk, I'm not even gonna google "burst bursae", 'cause that just sounds GROSS. :)

and Ginny, yep, if it had been a cat, he would have already been seen by a vet. haha.