Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Ginny asked to see proof that Punkin was making friends in the foster room, so here ya go.

This picture is terrible, but it shows Mama Rosa and Punkin getting to know each other:

Here she is, snoozing on the dresser with some of the crew:

And here she is, trying out a toy:

Cranky Pistol Pete's giving her the stinkeye, there, but she's all, "oh well, haterz gonna hate LOL!"  haha.

She's been flea treated and wormed.  She's got ear mites (if anybody knows of one med that works better than others for mites, please let me know; I've got some Revolution on order but it'll take a few days to get here), and this morning she was rocking a pretty good case of the snots, so a trip to the walk-in may be in order, but she's doing well considering, and she's fitting in just fine.  Good girl!


James P. said...

Well, bless her heart.

I guess that's her first toy???

Thanks for the pix!

rockygrace said...

Ginny, yep, I'm pretty sure that the only toys she had in the barn were mice and bugs.

On the other hand, mice and bugs make pretty good toys for a cat! ha.

James P. said...

PS............and I gonna ASSUME that these weren't photoshopped.

rockygrace said...

oh my GOD Ginny give it a rest. :)

James P. said...

(My sister is the photoshop champion......I'll send you some examples. Sometimes I just don't know what's real and what's not, being old and all...........)

Note to Pumpkin Pie: "Eat, girl, and play!"