Monday, October 10, 2016

Friendly Mama Rosa

Okay, first of all, if any of you got some weird post from here titled "Hello Rockygrace", IGNORE AND DELETE IT, okay?  I've evidently been spammed, and I have no idea where the link in that post might lead to, but I'm pretty sure it's garbage, and DEFINITELY not posted by me.  God.

Now!  On with the regular blog post.  

Mama Rosalita is a sweetheart of a cat, considering she had been outside on her own for some time before coming into rescue care.

Her favorite thing to do is get up in the chair behind me when I'm sitting on the floor and rub, rub, rub her face against the back of my neck.  Weird, right?  Also kind of tickle-y, and when she does it before I leave for work in the morning I have to remember to check a mirror and make sure I don't have a rats' nest on the back of my head before I head for the office.

I was trying to get some pics of her the other day, and failing, because she was busy with the back of my NECK, so I finally said screw it and turned the camera around.

"Hey laydee can I rub your neck?":

"How about a shoulder rub?  You want a nice shoulder rub?":

"How about there?  That feel good?":

Usually by this point she's purring up a storm and I'm laughing at the silliness of it all.

"How about you?  You want a nice neck rub?":

Silly Rosa, the neck-rubbing kitty.  I do occasionally manage to get pics of her when she's NOT rubbing my neck, though.  Here she is, modeling this year's fashion in a bowler hat:

"Why, laydee?  Why you do this to me?"

And here she is, showing those kittens how feather-toy-catching is DONE:

Whoever adopts Rosa is going to be getting one fine and silly kitty, that's for sure.


Random Felines said...

she is adorable....and apparently very grateful to be saved :)

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I love neck rubs.. I even like kitties who pretend to be hair dressers :)

~~Silk said...

My ex-feral Jasper is not a lap cat, nowhere near, and I miss that. He's pretty much just my housemate. Little Rosa must have had a loving home before she got lost.

I get alerts for your blog posts through Feedly. Something got hacked - your blog or my Feedly, no way to tell - and I got an alert for your blog just before this one. It looked "normal", but all the post contained was a link. I clicked on it (mistake!), and it went to an ad for a weight-loss program. Sigh.

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, I think it was my blog that got hacked - I deleted that post as soon as I saw it and changed my password. At least the link *only* went to a weight-loss program. :)

James P. said...

Your hair is really pretty! I'm way past the point of wanting to "fix hair" every day and just wad it up behind with a clip!

Is Rosa doing this because you are playing with the kittens while you sit on the floor....and she wants your full attention? Or, does she miss the "old days" when it was just you and her hanging out?

rockygrace said...

Ginny, I think Rosa's just glad to see somebody in the room who isn't trying to nurse on her. Ha.

p.s. and thanks for the compliment!