Friday, October 21, 2016

Time for another fun round of ...

... the size of the box versus the size of the thing in the box!

Today's version:  Tent pegs.

The size of the box:

The size of the things in the box:

 Well, at least they got the length right.  *sigh*  AND, they didn't fill up the box with ten billion packing peanuts, so kudos.

Plus, the kittens will enjoy the box, so there's that.  Ha.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I was going to say, they knew you wanted the box for the kitties :)

rockygrace said...

Maybe word's gotten out, eh, Tails? :)

James P. said...

Um......How does a tent come into play in your life? Are you going to hang out in it while you trap kitties at the barn?

rockygrace said...

haha Ginny, the whole tent peg thing ...

Well, I bought some laser lights thingies to light up the front of the house this Christmas. But! The base of the lights has to be put staked into the ground to stabilize the unit. And! Around here, mid-December-ish, the ground can be frozen solid, making it impossible to put ANYthing into the ground. So! I bought some metal tent pegs, figuring I can put them into the ground wherever I want the lights to go, BEFORE the ground freezes, and then come mid-December, I can swap out the laser light units into the pre-existing holes that have been place-holded by the tent pegs. Voila!

oh my God I'm crazy, aren't I?

WAIT. Don't answer that. :)