Friday, October 28, 2016

Learning to play

Is there anything cuter than a kitten experiencing toys for the first time?  I THINK NOT.

When Punkin came to Foster Camp on Sunday, she was understandably cautious at first.  She'd cuddle with the other kittens at naptime, but when it was time to play, she'd hang back.  There weren't any other kittens at the barn; there were plenty of cats, but they were much bigger than Punkin and probably not very interested in playing with her.  (I do not know what happened to the rest of the kittens, if any, in her litter.)  Plus, I'm not sure that she'd ever SEEN a toy before, although a kitten has the ability to make a toy out of ANYthing, ha.  Let's just say she'd probably never seen an INTENTIONAL toy before.

When the Campers got REALLY rambunctious,  Punkin would hide herself out of the way so as not to get bowled over.  (She also wasn't feeling very well the first couple of days; I've been cleaning the yuck out of her ears and giving her antibiotics for her upper respiratory issues and she's gotten much livelier.)

Once Punkin  got the lay of the land, so to speak, she started to come out of her shell more.  At first she'd just watch the other kittens:

But then she decided that it was time to give those toys a try herself.

She is faaaaascinated by the trackball:

and thinks the butterfly toys are pretty interesting:

 she likes the spinny ball, too:

and she's conquered the ice cream truck:

She still has a solemnity about her that I don't see in the other kittens; of course, she's been through a lot more than they have, although heaven knows that a farm in summertime is not the WORST place for a kitten to be.  She will come and rub against me when I bring the canned food in the room, and when I pick her up, at first she struggles to get away, but then she settles down and starts to purr. 

Now we just need to find her a home!


James P. said...

What a sweet cat. I wonder if she will stop objecting when you pick her up.....(I had a feral who used to even come into the kitchen to get kitty food, and he ALWAYS hissed and then wanted me to pet him and feed him. Never stopped the pattern. Cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do.) (And this was years before I knew about cat rescue foks.......BTW.)

James P. said...

That's "folks", not "foks". Wish "folks" who forget to proofread could edit their remarks. Some "folks" who once earned a living as a typist *ahem* don't feel the need to proofread because we are without error.

rockygrace said...

Some orange girls can be a little standoffish, but I think she'll come around. Or not. Her choice. :)

and that's okay, you can call us "foks". Ha.