Friday, April 01, 2016

Medication FTW!

Well, despite those of you who seemed determined to label me a hormonal, post-menopausal whack job (AHEM) (Seriously, guys, the only way it could've been worse would have been if you'd suggested I was upset because I was "on my period", so to speak) (JAYSUS CHRIST), the doctor thinks it's a problem with my brain chemistry, which got knocked right the eff out of whack when I was repeatedly exposed to an unmanageable situation.

She wants me to start taking Celexa (sp?) daily, immediately, and Zanax (sp?  I haven't picked up the prescriptions yet) on an as-needed basis when I start to panic out.

And I sure hope I start feeling better, because I'm getting tired of feeling like I'm about to be run over by a train.


(Sorry.  I know hormonal imbalances can and do wreak havoc.  But for me, hearing someone being called "hormonal" seems to imply disdain, like that person can't handle something because they're a woman.  See Donald Trump and his "She had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her ... wherever" bon mots.  Just ... don't.)


~~Silk said...

From - "Hormone: A chemical substance produced in the body that controls and regulates the activity of certain cells or organs. Many hormones are secreted by special glands, such as thyroid hormone produced by the thyroid gland." That includes adrenaline, which it sounds like you might have an excess of.

As to being "hormonal", every human who has ovaries and lives long enough will go through menopause. It's been a long and hard fight to get the medical establishment to recognize it as not simply "female hysteria" and take it seriously enough to offer assistance, so for a member of the sisterhood to denigrate it frankly hurts. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle!

James P. said...

Dear Post-Menopausal Hormonal Whack-Job:

Glad to hear the hopeful news from the doctor! Be sure to read all the side effects info for the meds! (And you thought you had escaped the "littlest sister" situation by turning to us! HA!!!!!!! I don't THINK so.)

KJL said...'s still stress - I'm pretty sure I mentioned the brain chemistry gets out of whack by too much stress. Celexa is a reasonable way to start for the depression symptoms and Xanax helps alleviate the anxiety that the imbalance causes. Since your problems are externally induced, you will start feeling better quite quickly. These medicines tend to be used short term (6 to 12 weeks) if the source is eternal. Once your brain chemistry gets stabilized, you'll be in a better position to decide what you want to do next.

I liken any of the modern antidepressants (Celexa) to aspirin - if you take it for a fever, your fever goes down. If you take aspirin for a headache, you don't turn into an ice cube. Celexa and its friends normalize the brain chemistry. If you really don't need it, you just have expensive pee :-). Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon.

Remember, we all care a lot about you!


rockygrace said...

~~Silk, I wasn't trying to denigrate menopause - I was down on the people who call it "female hysteria", etc., while fairly certain that my own symptoms were "externally induced", as Kris pointed out. I will accept no wet noodle lashes! Ha. I guess I should know better than to argue with a Mensa member. :)

Ginny, now I kind of want to get a t-shirt printed up with Post-Menopausal Hormonal Whack-Job on it. I could wear it to work. :)

And Kris, your advice through all of this has been very valuable, and I appreciate it.

Thanks for hanging in with me, guys. I try to keep this blog on the light side, and that sure went to hell these past weeks, didn't it? Hopefully better times are coming. Better living through chemistry!

TheQueen said...

Celexa was awesome.

KJL said...

I don't expect your blog to be the light side. You've been a joy to follow because you simply describe life as you see it - and honestly. You are such a wonderful person - caring about helpless creatures and the quality of your work and the beauty of nature. Better times are coming back :-). We're watching your back.


~~Silk said...

By the way, what about that pregnant kitty?

rockygrace said...

Queen, thank you for the Celexa vote of confidence! I've never taken these kinds of meds before, so I'm glad for the good recommendation.

Kris, your kind words are much appreciated.

and ~~Silk, well, if you could go back to the comments on the post on Friday, March 25, I'd appreciate it. Kitty Mama is now fine, but that whole situation ... well, my comment from the March 25 post will fill you in. I'm still not really ready to go into further detail at this point, not that there's more to the story than what happened. It's just a shame.

~~Silk said...

Oh, wow, poor kittens. Poor Momma. Poor you. Frankly, that alone, without any of the other crap being thrown at you, would have been enough to kick your legs out from under you. (It would me, that's for sure.) Sometimes there's just TOO much. Too too much.

fmcgmccllc said...

No worries about the hormone comments, it is what it is. Sorry about the kittens, missed that one.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

it really sucks that 'being hormonal' is an insult and a put-down and leads to women being dismissed. hormones are incredibly powerful influencers in the body and should be respected and given the due they deserve. Hormones drive a great deal in the body, and keep us happy and healthy.

I am glad you are able to get chemical help to get you through what you are dealing with. it can make a great deal of difference and smooth out the edges if you will. I hope they help.