Wednesday, April 27, 2016

... and the names are! ...

Well, these cats weren't going to name THEMSELVES, ya know. :)

Last Sunday, I took mama and the litter to the local adoption center for which I am fostering so that mama could be leuk/FIV tested (negative!  Yaaaaaaay!), everybody could be wormed, and I could have my suspicions confirmed as to the gender of the kittens.  I THOUGHT I had one boy and four girls, but I am ... not the best when it comes to sexing kittens (Yes, that's what it's called.  I KNOW.), so I thought I'd have the woman who runs the rescue give them a quick once-over.  Sure enough, it was a boy and four girls!

When mama got leuk-tested, they needed a name for the records.  Like, they needed a name RIGHT THEN.  "Ummmmmmm..." I stammered.  "How about ... Lightning?  Because she has a lightning bolt on her face?"

Lightning it is.

I had a fairly good idea what I wanted to name a couple of the kittens, but nothing was set in stone, and I had NO idea what some of them should be named, so I outsourced it to Facebook.  And the names are:

Dora the Explorer:

Little Bit:


Sophie Tucker:

and the only boy, Calvin!:

The Spring 2016 Foster Campers now have names!



Random Felines said...

YAY for negative tests!!! And for getting kitten genders right! :) Little Bit has some BIG ears to grow into

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Ditto what Jeanne said :) they are stinkin cute!

James P. said...

It's best that I didn't help with names as my suggestions would be sort of "out there".

Saw a bumper sticker (well, car sticker) today that was a paw shape with the saying "Who Rescued Who?" inside it. Grammar aside(and nobody ever really SAYS "whom" these days), I thought it described your situation at being offered this current Batch of Fuzz. Timing was perfect.