Monday, April 18, 2016


I'm relieved to be able to report that it was considerably warmer out this weekend.  So warm and sunny, in fact, that I even managed to get a little bit sunburned yesterday, which, sunburned in April?!  In upstate New York?!?  I don't even understand this world anymore.

It was so warm that I decided to bring my buddy out of the garage:

Hello, NEWMAN.  Ha.

I am pleased to report that after some initial hesitation, the mower started right up and ran just fine.  Whew.  (and to be fair, this particular lawn mower has never been a problem.  It was the mower I had BEFORE this one that was a POS.  I'm afraid that my current lawnmower is being unfairly maligned for actions of  its predecessor.)

Little white flowers blooming in the woods:

The hunters continue their assault on any and all metal signs:

One of these trees is not like the others:

Do you see that?  That tree in the middle, all bent over?  At first I thought that it was being held down by another tree's branches or something, but no.  THEN I thought that maybe the top end of the tree was somehow held down by ... something ... but when I checked it out, the tree was free to be upright; it just ... wasn't.  Mystery!

The kitty cabana came out, and Pop-pop wasted NO time hopping on for a siesta:

Yep, it sure is the life, Sodapop.


James P. said...

Pretty sure that's how they make sun-dried tomatoes. MMMMM!!!! That's gonna be some tasty sun-dried kitty!

Always love the flower pictures.

rockygrace said...

Time for pizza! Ha.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

the tree probably was bent over due to snow and ice and then it was left there for so long, it just became used to it.

rockygrace said...

Interesting theory, Tails! I'd like to go back in a month or so and see if it's leafing out or not. Can trees live upside down?