Friday, May 13, 2011

It's art if I SAY it's art, amiright?

and you guys are all, like, "my GOD, she really IS crazy."


You know what this reminds me of? When I was a kid, one wall of the dining room in the house I grew up in was wallpapered with a mural of a tree. I guess that was, like, the thing to do back in the fifties when the house was built.

But ANYWAY, when I was little, I had a little mutt of a dog, Rufus*, who would - you guessed it - pee on the wall, because he thought it was a REAL tree.

That is why I prefer cats. Cats would NEVER make a mistake like that.

*Yes, I named a dog-in-real-life after a stuffed dog. Go figure.


Rob said...

I don't get it. Wait ... I wasn't supposed to get it, right? Or was I? Damn, you've confused me again.

rockygrace said...

Sheesh, Rob, keep up, would ya? :)

Back last month I talked about how I bought a bath towel in Target that was so pretty I decided to use it as a wall hanging. This is just a post about the towel, is all.

Unless you're talking about the pee-on-the-wall thing, in which case you'd have to ask a dog.

Rob said...

Ohh ... I thought it was a piece of wallpaper (with or without pee). Damn woman ...