Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The. Lawn. Is. Mowed.

Halle-freakin'-lujah, the goddamn lawn is mowed.

I got home from work last night, and

Oh! There was a package on the porch from Badass Nature Girl!

I knew she'd been working on something top-secret, and it had arrived!

"No!" I told myself. You mow that goddamn lawn FIRST, and THEN you can open the package. "It will be your treat." I'm all about the carrot and the stick, don't you know.

But! First, I went in the house, where there was ANOTHER surprise!

Little Girl had left me a great big bullfrog, right in the middle of the hallway.


And here's the thing: She always brings 'em in alive. She's got a mouth like a Labrador, I swear. How the heck she can transport a big ol' frog all the way from the bog out back, up the yard, through the pet door, and into the house without injuring it I have no idea, but she manages.

So! Out came the Cool Whip container, and Mr. Frog went back to the swamp.

Now! It was time to mow. I gassed up the new mower, put in the oil, held my breath, and turned the key.


And the angels sang.

I mowed the front yard, and the side yards, and the front of the backyard. I even managed to mow some of the back-backyard, out back by the Okefenokee, where the land is all squishy. The old lawn mower would NEVER have done that; last year I ended up weed-whacking that part of the yard. But the new mower said "no problem!"

So! An hour-and-a-half later, and it's time to open Badass's package.

You guys.

She looked at this picture:

And painted this:

It's a little box. For mementos, or photos, or, you know, ashes. Isn't it gorgeous?

I sure wish I had that kind of talent.

And she does all KINDS of cool stuff that she sells at her Etsy shop. Oh! And she also donated her home-made pet gifts to her local animal shelter, in memory of The Runt. How cool is THAT?

BNG, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

And now, I go home to weed-whack. The work is never really done, is it? *sigh*


Badass Nature Girl said...

Yay for good mowers! And um, if I do ever make it over there, I'm sleeping on top of the counter and not setting foot on the floor where I might step on a frog. But boy does she ever love you! Lots of nice gifts lately from Little Girl.

Have fun weed-wacking! It's 80 some thing and SUPER humid here today. No outdoor any thing for me but my bathing suit and an hour nap on the patio after I went grocery shopping and paid the bills. (there's that carrot and stick thing)

rockygrace said...

Bathing suit? Lucky you! I'm so white right now, I'm pretty sure I can be seen from space.