Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scarred for Life

After kitkat and FightAgainstRedTape mentioned the tv show "How Clean Is Your House" in comments on an earlier post, I decided to catch a couple of episodes.

Oh. My. Gah.

I can't figure out if this is porn for slobs, or porn for clean freaks. A little of both, I guess. The basic premise is that someone is living in filth, and the show sends in a team of people to get their house clean again.

And when I say filth, I mean FILTH. We're talking scraping legions of dead flies off the windowsills and using engine cleaner to get the grunge off the stove.


But the best (?) part is when they take samples off various surfaces and send them to the lab to find out exactly which kinds of contagion are brewing in these people's houses. I shit you not, they found e-coli in one dude's bathtub.

And the thing that killed me is that, at least in the two episodes I watched, the people didn't even seem particularly embarrassed by their living conditions. It was just, "Oh, well, it kind of got away from me, and besides, it's not that bad."

Yes, IT IS THAT BAD. Yes it is.

My eyes hurt.


Bridgett said...

It's crazy, isn't it? John does a lot of the daily grind housework (he's the dishwasher, for example) and there are few jobs that I must do every single day. However, there is some point in every week where I get the jones to get things clean. I confess that the toy mess gets "contained" behind a playroom door and that I don't spend a lot of time policing it, but bathroom? Has to be cleaned. Bedrooms? Have to be cleaned. Kitchen and living room? Super especially have to be cleaned, since that's where the bulk of our day at home is spent. How can you enjoy hanging out, or be creative, or have any peace of mind when you're living in a human hamster cage?

We've purposely stripped down our possessions (with, again, the exception of kid crap...that's a transitory phase and I'm ok with ten thousand Legos on the floor of one room if I don't have to walk there) so that we keep things easy to keep orderly. I think part of the problem in the trouble houses that they show is that the people are packrats. Seriously, I think some of these people have mental problems that are expressing themselves through the inability to move on with life and get rid of crap they no longer use (if they ever used it).

nancypearlwannabe said...

"It kind of got away from me"?! Like they'll laugh about it later- remember that time I forgot to clean the house for two years? HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

they found e-coli in one dude's bathtub

I guess I should stop eating out of bathtubs :)

Don't these people stop and think that they might have a problem when they go into someone else's house and the people there don't have an inch of dust covering everything? Aren't they making the connection like, "My house doesn't look like this. Hm." I agree that in a lot of cases, the people must have some serious emotional issues going on, but it really contradicts our natural instincts, I think, to live in filth.

rockygrace said...

My "thing" is the kitchen sink - I cannot stand a sink full of dirty dishes - bleecccch.

And I do wonder if other things "kind of get away from" these people, too - stuff like bathing and brushing their teeth.

Anonymous said...

Ah now... Kim and Aggie also did a series on people, called "Too Posh to Wash".

I sadly(?) missed it, although I would have been more disgusted at the thought of people not cleaning,themselves than not cleaning their houses.

Sorry I missed it though.