Friday, March 13, 2009

And I already felt queasy to begin with

Have you ever come across a word you did not know, looked it up, and then was sorry you did? I was reading a book (My Own Country by Abraham Verghese - very interesting) and came across the word "hemicorporectomy".

I am telling you this as a favor - DO NOT look that word up. For the love of Pete, just trust me on this one. You don't want to know what it means.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, did you really think you could tell me a word and have me not look it up? Of course, because I'm such a word dork, I could already imagine what it meant just by breaking up the latin prefixes/root words, etc.

But, yeah, gruesome.

Anonymous said...

Yup, me too... shocking.

rockygrace said...

You guuuuyyyyyssssss ...... I WARNED you! Sheesh. They never listen. :)