Thursday, March 05, 2009

American Idol

I'm not really watching this season, really I'm not, mainly because if I have to sit through one more lip-synched, atrociously-choreographed "group number" I'm going to hurl, but still, the show is often on while I'm doing other stuff. A couple of thoughts:

Why do the judges offer a suggestion on how to improve to someone, and then when that person actually takes their advice, they knock the person down AGAIN. I'm thinking of that Puerto Rican dude - they told him to lose the accent, he hired a dialogue coach and lost the damn accent, and then they slammed him for getting rid of the accent. WTF? Maybe I got it wrong, because like I said, I'm really not paying attention, but it seems like that's what happened.

Is that flaming gay guy gone yet? I have absolutely nothing against gay people, but holy shit, that guy gets on my nerves.

How much longer is this show going to drag on? There's a limit to how much televised karaoke anybody can take. Oh, right, Rocky, CHANGE THE CHANNEL.


kitkat said...

This is funny because I really haven't watched one second of Idol at all this season (or last season or the one before that), but last night I was home early and I didn't have anything to do/watch, so I turned it there just long enough to see Jorge sing and hear the judge's comments. I think you had it right. They told him to get rid of the accent and then Simon said he should have just kept the accent. So silly. "Let's have tryouts in Puerto Rico and then tell all the actual Puerto Ricans that they shouldn't sing with their accents." Brilliant. It's a good thing I don't give a crap about that show.

Charming Sam said...

Sometimes I'm slow to the game. I HATE the group singing on American Idol and for whatever reason it never occurred to me that is was being lip synced. Ugh. No wonder I have to fast forward tivo.

I unfortunately am watching this season. I think they have some real talent this year. He-he!