Monday, May 05, 2008

This Is What Happens When You Die ....

......... and nobody gives a shit.

Your neighbors leave food and water on your gross, dirt-encrusted windowsill for your cat, because nobody will come and pick her up for over a week:

Your son, the landlord, can't be bothered to clean your place out. So he sends over a maintenance guy to do it. The maintenance guy is pissed off/skeeved out over having to clean out a dead guy's apartment, so he takes your beat-up, crud-encrusted furniture and throws it out into the parking lot, where it will sit for over a week until yet another maintenance man shows up with a pickup to haul it to the dump:

Nobody wants any of your gross stuff, so extra-large trash bags are brought in to handle the situation:

Some of the stuff is so gross that the maintenance guy doesn't really want to touch it, so it gets left on the closet floor:

Your rented medical equipment waits to be picked up:

Hmmm .... what is that mysterious light? I was not using the flash on my camera for that picture. Also, can you believe all those oxygen canisters?! It's a wonder the place didn't blow sky high, what with your chain smoking.

So, that's what happens when you die and nobody cares. They pay somebody to clean out your apartment, and all your stuff goes to the landfill. And then they pay somebody to come in and paint your place and replace the carpeting, because your son, the landlord, wants to get it rented out again as soon as possible.
The end.

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Bridgett said...

God damn. That's sad.