Thursday, May 22, 2008

Praying for Time

Why, yes, I did watch the season finale of American Idol last night. Well, parts of it anyway, in between the nine million other things I was trying to get done last night.

And it was just as craptacular as I expected it to be. And I had to laugh, because was it just me, or did skunk-haired girl look really pissed off to be there. She was all, like, "I had other plans for tonight, but jeezus, they forced me to come back to fulfill some stupid contractual obligation, and now I'm surrounding by all these flippin' Mary Sunshines and oh my God let me out of here now!" I mean, she was just stomping and frowning all over the place. You go, girl!

And then they came to the George Michael medley. Folks, I do love me some George Michael. I know, I KNOW that he's a skeevy pervert who likes to have "dates" in public bathrooms, but his post-Wham stuff still holds up. The man knows how to write a song. And then he came out and did "Praying for Time", and I just about lost my shit, because that is one of my favorite songs. Ever.

(Note to George: Were those sunglasses? Really? Because they looked like giant bug eyes to me. Not that you asked.)

And so I got to thinking about that song, and I thought it came off the "Listen Without Prejudice" album. Which I was pretty sure I had in the glovebox of my car, on cassette tape.

And THEN I got to thinking, wait a minute, if I've got that sucker on cassette, how freakin' long ago did that thing actually come out? And then I got all depressed thinking about how, if it came out in the eighties, that was, like, twenty years ago, and ohmyGodIamancient.

So! I grabbed the cassette tape out of the glovebox this morning, and found to my relief that the album/cassette tape came out in 1990. Whew! No eighties stuff for me!

And folks, even my car is ancient, because it actually has an in-dash cassette tape player (along with a CD player! Not that old!), so I will be able to listen to some quality, post-Wham George Michael when I toodle up to Ithaca tomorrow. (Yes, tomorrow! Because I have the day off! Which means four-day weekend! Woot!)

And I've been having kind of an existential crisis all morning about liking George Michael, and did that album really come out eighteen years ago, and ohmyGod I am 45 flippin' years old and I have wrinkles and I peaked, like, twenty years ago, and boohoohoohoohoo.

I'll be just fine. Really. Who knew that a mid-life crisis could be inspired by George Michael?


Bridgett said...

All the music I really like seems to have come out between 1968-1994, though there are a few more recent things (Erykah Badu or any of the neo-soul singers, Gnarls Barkley, Black-Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters) that draw heavily on that era that I also find listenable. It's enough to make a girl tune in to country radio, where boys are still jumping out of pickup trucks to pick roadside flowers to give to their sweetie who is hanging up the washing on the line.

I have recently begun to realize that I'm getting older. There have been some moments of adjustment, indeedy.

listie said...

Don't talk to me about old for at least another 10 years!

What are you doing in Ithaca?

Rockycat said...

Bridgett, I'm with you on Foo Fighters! And Listie, I'll do a post about the weekend.