Thursday, May 29, 2008


Because I somehow time-warped ahead a week in my mind, and thought that this weekend was actually next weekend (don't ask - I don't understand it either), Momma and Baby get to stay with me one more week.

Unfortunately, it does not look like they will have an opportunity to be adopted together. Momma will have to stay at the shelter to get spayed and recover, while Baby will be placed at our local PetSmart's adoption center while her adoptability (i.e., tiny cuddly baby) factor is high. The good news is, the people at the shelter are certain that Baby will find a new home immediately, because she's just so damn adorable. And because Momma is also good-looking and still fairly young, hopefully she get a new home soon as well. The problem is, Momma's just not very friendly. She doesn't really care anything about being petted or held, and while she's certainly not an unfriendly cat, she's just not a cuddler. Hopefully someone will come along who doesn't want a cuddly cat, and then Momma will be good to go.

Baby's latest trick: Climbing underneath the comforter on my bed and tunneling around at ninety miles an hour. Momma just looks on in amazement, like, "WTF?"

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listie said...

My GirlKitty likes to tunnel under the covers. It's so weird. If I can't find her, I go around the bedrooms and look for lumps in the bedspreads.