Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Why, yes, I AM referring to LAST weekend. Things have been pretty hectic around here, but I wanted to get this stuff down before I forgot about it.

My haircut insanity continues. This time I asked for it to be cut SO SHORT in the back that the hairdresser had to shave my neck. That felt kind of spooky and just ... wrong, but the cut looks good. And it's not that short all over, just in the back.

Oh! And there was this little kid (maybe ten years old or so) in the hair salon, and she brought in her two pet rats to show the hairdressers. (Why she did this, I have no idea.) She didn't even have them in a cage, just stuffed into her sweatshirt pockets. So she brings out the first rat, and everybody's trying to be ... well .... polite, seeing as how it's a RAT and all. (No, I'm not afraid of rats. I just don't have a whole lot of affection for them. Something about the tail.) And then the kid announces, "and my other rat is hairless!" And she whips the other rat out of her pocket, and sure enough, the thing's bald as a damn cue ball.

Now, I don't mean to be indelicate here, but, well ..... that thing had a rather large set of private parts. And the baldness just sort of ..... accentuated the whole situation. And when she pulled that damn thing out of her pocket, first a collective gasp went up, and then we all looked at each other, and we're all trying not to laugh, but somebody let out a snicker, and that was all it took. Hairdressers and clients were busting a gut over the big-nutted bald rat. Good times!

I managed to do my first 50% water change in the aquarium without killing either fish, so it looks like things are improving in the Black Death department.

I divided up my bleeding heart plant and gave some to my sister Ditzy. I couldn't find a pot to put it in, but I did, mysteriously, find an Easter basket in the shed. So I put the bleeding heart in the Easter basket and gave it to Ditzy. She said she would get it planted right away, but knowing Ditzy, I am sure it will sit in said Easter basket by the side of her garage until sometime this fall, when she stumbles upon it and, forgetting what was ever in there to begin with, tosses the whole thing out.

I finally got some of my spring clothes out of the attic, which means we are sure to get another foot or two of snow.

Oh, and I went for a walk at State Park, and everything is still all brown and depressing, and to assuage my depression I stopped for a frosty at Wendy's, negating any caloric benefit I may have gained from the walk, and I started working on a beat-up kitchen cabinet I picked up for fifteen bucks at a local antiques store/flea market, and I'm sure I did all kinds of other boring stuff that I can't remember now.

The end.

Oh, but one more thing - I've been having problems sleeping at night for a while now, so yesterday, I finally went and bought some Sominex and took two before I went to bed last night. And a couple of hours later, I woke myself up gasping and choking for air, because I had evidently .... forgotten to breathe. Um, I know the stuff is supposed to put you to sleep, but I didn't think they meant .... permanently.


Anonymous said...

Oh God... I am sitting here at work laughing my head off! H is looking at me strangely.

Rockycat said...

Hmmmm.... were you laughing about the naked rat or about my near-death from Sominex? :)

Rockycat said...

Oh yeah, and I was going to ask you if for purposes of blog communication you preferred to be called by your *real name* or by the initials of the name of your blog, but then I realized what the initials of the name of your blog ACTUALLY ARE, so I guess I solved that one all by myself!

Guess who's laughing now .....