Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tonight's Agenda

1. Go to Target to look at bookcase on sale. Granted, this bookcase has been on sale at Target since last Sunday, which means they sold all two that they had in stock by 8:15 Sunday morning, but hey, a gal can dream, right?

2. Go to library to pick up book on reserve and ask (gulp) if they are accepting applications.** OH MY GOD I cannot believe I am actually going to do this, but if I am ever going to realize my dream of home ownership, I have got to have more income coming in. My last several brilliant money-making schemes all came to naught (just call me Lucy Ricardo), but this one could ACTUALLY WORK (stop laughing! STOP IT!). If I could pick up an evening or two and possibly a weekend day, it would put me much closer to a downpayment. Of course, I forgot until just now that the library is closed on weekends during the summer. OK, two evenings a week it is. I AM GOING TO DO THIS. I AM I AM IAMIAMIAMIAM. There. I said it on my blog, so it must be true. (Stop laughing).

3. Separate the bleeding heart bush. This particular plant has grown over the course of the last ten years from a teeny teeny baby to a giant behemoth that has taken over my garden. While I love it dearly, it is taking up too much room. I divided it once before with fine results, so I will try again. I seem to remember that the last time I divided it, the operation required a hand spade and a shovel and a steak knife and a saw (in that order), plus an inordinate amount of cursing, so I might have to save this particular project for the weekend. When the temp will supposedly be above freezing! Such excitement! Oh my God fifty degrees!! I may faint.

Such are my plans for this evening.

**Unless one of the high school interns is working the desk. Asking someone who is thirty years younger than me if they are accepting applications is something I will not do. Yet.

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Anonymous said...

Sound like great plans!

I would LOVE to work in the library a couple of nights a week. Actually I would love to work there full time on a permanent basis.

It's practically impossible to get into a library position here unless you have a degree in librarianship... and I don't.

Good luck!