Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breaking News

According to my sources, Jabba the Hutt, that fat bastard who's been making my life miserable since he moved into the building over a year ago, dropped dead yesterday morning.

And my first emotion was happiness. Yep, I was glad he was dead. And then I was relieved, because at least he didn't take the building along with him. (Jabba was on oxygen and was a chain-smoker, both at the same time. He had already started one fire in his apartment because of his careless smoking.)

But mostly, I am glad that I will not have to listen to that fat bastard's TV set blaring at three o'clock in the morning anymore.

I guess that makes me a bad person.


Exador said...

Don't feel bad. He put you through hell. Now just pray the next one won't be worse.

I'm in a similar boat. We found out yesterday that our neighbor is getting evicted. This neighbor was a nice-enough guy, but he piled tons of crap in his back yard: abandoned car, old hot tub, building materials. It's been an eyesore which prevented me from clearing some brush that blocked the view.
I only hope the next ones are better.

Rockycat said...

It drives me crazy when people turn their lawns into junkyards!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. Good luck with the next tenants!!!