Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One-Trick Pony

I was listening to the local pop music station on the radio while running errands today. I hardly ever listen to this station, because they play the same songs over and over and over. Basically, if you listen to this station for a couple of hours every six months or so, you're all caught up on the pop music scene.

Anyhow, they were playing a (presumably somewhat) new song by Melissa Etheridge, and she is still hewing to her same theme, i.e., "she doesn't love you like I love you." And I thought, wow, that's pretty amazing, Melissa has crafted an entire, highly successful career out of singing the same basic song, "she doesn't love you like I love you", over and over.

And then I thought, well, there's lots of artists like that. Evanescence comes immediately to mind ("you broke my heart and I hate you"), as well as Jack Johnson ("I've got sand between my toes and it's all good"). And of course, there's the all-time champeen of recycling the same song over and over - ZZTop. ("Wimmin and cars").

Not too shabby. All you have to do is come up with one catchy song, and just keep slightly modifying it for eternity. You, too, can be a pop star!

Oh! After the Melissa Etheridge song, a song by Chris Daughtry (sp?) came on, and I was surprised to find that it was actually ...... listenable. I mean, it wasn't great by any means, or even very good, but it didn't have me lunging for the console to shut off the radio. Hmm. Wasn't he on American Idol?

Oh, and speaking of American Idol, am I mistaken, or have the costumers actually dressed that poor Asian girl in bizarre, incredibly high-waisted, formal shorts for two weeks in a row? What is up with that?


Kerri said...

was daughtrys song "home"? Love that song and for me that's rare since I'm more into tim McGraw, kenny chesney, and their genre of music.

Rockycat said...

Honestly, I don't remember the name of it, but it was pretty catchy.