Friday, April 04, 2008

Like a Swarm of Gnats ........

...... I feel like there is a cloud of SUCK swirling around my head. Regarding last night's agenda (just scroll down; I'm not going to put in a "link" to a post directly below the one I am writing, dammit):

1. They were sold out of the bookcase (well, duh; I called that one before I even got to the store).

2. The library does, indeed, hire part-time help; unfortunately, employees must be available to work all shifts, including weekdays. This makes NO SENSE to me, but whatevs.

3. I was not in the mood to divide the bleeding heart (sounds gory, doesn't it?) last night. It will have to wait for the weekend.

But! I had some perspective shaken in front of my face this morning.

Local authorities are still searching for a local 40-year-old mother of three who disappeared two nights ago from her rural home. She was last seen at 10 p.m. Tuesday at her home; she was wearing purple jammies. It is not clear from the news reports if her children were at home that night; she is divorced and has a joint-custody agreement with her ex. Five hours later, her neighbors reported hearing screams. She has not shown up at work, and her car, her purse, and her cell phone were left behind.

I may consider my life a big ball of suck right now, but at least I am NOT missing and feared dead. Not. Is good.

But then! Evidently not even bank tellers are safe from the Black Death (me). I had to do the company banking this morning. I handed the teller my stuff, she turned around to access another computer, and she tripped and went flying and hit her head on the way down and could not get back up and oh my God now I feel terrible all over again. Stay away from me, for your own safety.

Oh, but then in looking for stuff to do this weekend, I discovered that the local museum has free admission the first Friday evening of every month. So tonight after work I'll get to go see an exhibit of artwork by John James Audubon and whatever else the local museum has to offer. And tomorrow I am going to submit myself to my capable hairdresser's hands and see if she can make my hair look like something other than a train wreck. Wish her luck!

Oh, and Audrey (the bank teller)? I'm really, sincerely sorry. I hope you are feeling better real soon. Someone should have warned you about the Black Death.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I commented about the library on your earlier post. That is a bit sucky, but like you say, there is definitely WORSE stuff.

Rockycat said...

There sure is.

They still have not found that missing woman.