Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yet Another Dental Diet

Since yesterday morning's debacle at the dentist, I have been able to eat anything I want .... as long as it's in liquid or semi-liquid form. I ate Wendy's Frosties yesterday afternoon until I could not eat any more (for the record, that would be one and a half Frosties). Yogurt is fine, and coffee is my new best friend, as the warmth seems to help with the pain. Oh, and cookies soaked in coffee until they are mush are quite good as well.

Last night I made the tactical error of trying to eat solid food for dinner (the audacity!), and let's just say that it was a mistake. Because then my TMJD (jaw disorder) came roaring back with a vengeance, and now every time I swallow, it feels like something is trying to saw its way out of my jaw and through my ear with a knife.

The dentist's office called last night to make sure I was still alive, and upon hearing that I was still in pain, they asked if I wanted to come in right then. Um, not so much. So then they asked if I would like to come in first thing this morning, and I said that I would like to take a "wait and see" approach. Because frankly, the LAST place I want to be right now is at the dentist's. Gee, I wonder why?

So anyway, when I got off the phone, at first I was all like, "oh, it's so nice that they're all concerned", and my second thought was, "they're all concerned because they're afraid I am going to SUE THEIR PANTS OFF". Of course, as long as they're willing to make things right, I'm not going to sue. But they don't know that. Heh heh. So then I was thinking, "maybe I could get, like, free dental treatment for life!" But that would involve going back to the dentist who just gouged the shit out of my mouth, so I guess I've got to give the whole thing more thought.

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