Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Should Be An Interesting Acceptance Speech

And the award for most alarming mother-daughter display of camel toe goes to:

"Temptress" and her mom on last night's American Idol! At least, I think her name was "Temptress". I'm trying to block the whole thing out of my head, actually.

Seriously, did anyone besides me catch that?! I can't even believe they showed that on network TV! I may be scarred for life.

And I'm not entirely convinced that "Temptress" is even a woman. She looked suspiciously like a guy in drag. A really, really ugly guy. And I kind of doubt that "Temptress" is her real name. Why on earth would you name your child "Temptress?" And the irony is really acute in this particular situation, since the woman (if she is a woman) is butt-effin'-ugly. Oh, and the horrible wig was not helping matters any.

But still, it's the camel toe I can't get over. (Shudder.)


Kerri said...

And was she trying to match her outfit to her hair or match her hair to her outfit?

Rockycat said...

Yeah, it was just a train wreck all the way around, wasn't it? I do have to say, Paula cracked me right the hell up last night when she started doing "sign language interpretation" to that last guy's song. Go, Paula! Prove that you're not the drugged-up mess you appear to be!