Monday, January 21, 2008

I Know Who I'm Rooting For .....

...... and it's NOT the team with the player named "Plaxico". WTF? What kind of a crackhead names her kid "Plaxico"? If there is a list of worst kids' names ever, "Plaxico" has got to be in the top ten. It sounds like some kind of manufacturing company. Or a tampon.

Other reasons not to root for the Giants: The whiny preshuzzz quarterback, the field goal kicker who doesn't, and the coach who cold-shoulders afore-mentioned non-field-goal-kicker every time he misses.

Seriously, it breaks my heart that the Packers lost. Although, when you play as badly as they did last night, the outcome is often LOSS.

Go Patriots!


bridgett said...

More dentists recommend Plaxico as their alcohol-free pre-brushing mouthwash than any other brand.

I wanted the Pack to win -- Brett Favre has been a hell of a good quarterback and I wanted him to win the Superbowl one more time. My husband and I had predicted that Eli would be benched somewhere around the 4th game and he played like shit for most of the regular season, so I have been surprised each time they pulled it out. I think they're going to be a greasy smear on the Arizona turf, though, when the Pats get through with them.

And then we have to suffer through February to get to March Madness and finally the real sports start in April.

Kerri said...

The Perfect Patriots are going all the way!!!!