Monday, December 31, 2007

Recently Read

1. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. I loved this one! (And no, I'd never read it before. Evidently my education was sorely lacking in some respects.) I just finished it a few days ago, and I keep wondering what happened to the Joads after the end of the book (Yes, I know it was fiction. But still.) I 've started doing a little reading about the Dust Bowl since I started this one.

2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High by Cameron Crowe. Itt was a book before it was a movie! Who knew?! I was a little surprised that this one was in the Young Adult section of the library, as some of the content was pretty explicit. Enjoyable, but if you've seen the movie, there's not a whole lot more in the book.

3. Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan. This novella is a quick, enjoyable read.

4. Perishable by Dirk Jamison. This is a memoir about a guy whose entire family was basically bonkers. It was OK, but not a "must-read-again".

5. Sister Mine by Tawni O'Dell. I read "Back Roads" by her and liked it, but I couldn't get into this one. Never even finished it, actually.

6. Dishwasher by Pete Jordan. The memoir of a guy who set out to wash dishes in all fifty states. I liked it, but this guy is such a major slacker, he was really getting on my nerves by the end.

7. Right now, I'm reading "Peace Like A River" by Leif Enger, and it's very good. I'll be sad when I'm finished reading it.

So! That's what I've been reading! Does anyone have any suggestions for good books to read?

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