Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Am Legend

I decided to go to the movies yesterday, and I had it narrowed down to "Sweeney Todd" or "I Am Legend". I had heard that Sweeney Todd was pretty violent and bloody, so I decided to .... go see Will Smith Versus The Zombies! Yay! Probably not the best choice for Christmas day, as it was violent and zombie-ful!

I spent a good chunk of the movie with my hands over my face, peering out between my fingers like a little kid, because, well, ZOMBIES! But it was ok, because there were only about six other people in the theater, and I don't think any of them saw me. I also may have yelped out "Yikes!" once or twice.

The whole "Bob Marley love-is-a-virus" speech was kind of a dud, and I couldn't figure out why they brought in the God factor, but overall I enjoyed it. The computer-generated zombies weren't particularly scary, other than the fact that, Hello, they're ZOMBIES! Zombies=scary, but there were some nifty special effects, and loud explosions (REALLY loud, the volume was cranked), and I was glad I went. And I only got teary-eyed twice (once with the dog, and once with the grenade, for those who have seen it).

Although, afterwards, when I was getting ready to take a walk by the creek, and I had to think it over, because there might be ZOMBIES by the creek, I realized that I may have taken the movie a bit too seriously.


Jennifer said...

I enjoyed the movie, too, although I didn't like the ending...

Rockycat said...

Yeah, the last part could have been better. I heard that they actually changed the ending after test screenings, which makes me wonder what the original ending was. "Director's Cut DVD", here we come!