Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How Screwed Am I?

Tucked in among some personal stuff at work, I just found a credit card bill with a due date of 12/10/07. Today is the 12th. I don't know how this bill ended up where it did, instead of with my "bill pile", and I wrote the check and will mail it today, but here is my question:

Am I in big trouble? I have never, ever made a late payment before, and I don't know what to expect. Is this going to screw my credit rating? Is the interest rate on the card going to skyrocket (although since I pay my balance in full every month, that's not really a critical issue)?

Advice, please.


Annoyed said...

I would call the credit card company right away and explain the situation to them. Maybe you could make a payment over the phone. As for your credit report... I don't think it shows up on there unless you skip an entire payment (i.e., your payment is 30 days late.) Hope this helps!

Jennifer (Where's Mommy's Prozac?)

Rockycat said...

Thanks for the advice!

Kerri said...

Oh for goodness sake, you are so not screwed. It won't even leave a blip on your credit rating radar.

And consider yourself unperfect like the rest of us! Nobody pays every single bill in their lifetime on time!

Rockycat said...

Oh, Kerri, thanks for reassuring me. And believe me, I am possibly the MOST unperfect person in the free world!

Anonymous said...

Well, we missed a WHOLE payment once, just because it was in the wrong pile. Who knows how these things get into the wrong pile? Anyhow it did.

The next month we had two months to pay (I did wonder how we still had that dosh in our bank account)and interest payable on the amount we didn't pay from the previous month.

Al phoned them and said pointed out that we're usually bang on time, very good little citizens, and they removed the charge for us! How nice is that? And no change to credit rating.