Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last Weekend

Last Saturday, I went for a walk along Choconut Creek. I had a close encounter with a button buck and also saw a fox, but I couldn't get the camera up in time to get a picture (*&?**&&!!). Here is the meadow where bluebirds hang out:

On Sunday, Mom and I went to Oakley Corners. Here's the lake:

We saw Canada Geese with some half-grown babies. We had a nice discussion about geese. Like, why are they so loud? Is it because of their size? If a dove was the size of a goose, instead of going, "coo", would it go "COO"? Mom and I have some interesting talks.

We also saw a frog who was very content to have his picture taken. Usually frogs skedaddle long before you get anywhere near them, so all you hear is the splash.

Mom brought up the subject of nursing homes out of the blue. Basically, her take is that she doesn't want to be in one unless she has to, and then it's ok. Very sensible. Mom turns 83 tomorrow.
Now, I am about to go off on a little rant. I know I have ranted about this before, but here I go again.
You people with the dogs? The large, not-well-behaved dogs who do not listen when you tell them to "sit" and "stay"? Please, please put a leash on them! On Sunday, Mom and I were just walking along, minding our own business, when down the trail toward us comes a Lab. A very large, soaking wet Lab, who skidded to a stop, started barking wildly, and then came charging toward us. Followed by another Lab, also large, also soaking wet, also charging toward us. And a couple hundred feet down the trail, I could hear someone yelling, "Butchie, sit!" "Butchie, come here!" "Butchie, stay!". Yeah. That didn't work out so well. And when a very large Lab jumps up on a very small, very old woman, trust me, she will fall down. (No, the dog didn't actually jump on her. But you could tell that he wanted to. I just know. I'm psychic that way (!)) So people? With the dogs you can't control? Trust me. If your dog jumps on my Mom and she falls down and gets hurt, my family will sue your ass off. So you might want to invest in a leash. I'm just sayin'.
Also? The places where we walk? The regulations for Jones Park, Chenango Valley State Park, Greenwood Park, Oakley Corners State Forest, etc., all state very clearly that dogs must be leashed at all times. You're also supposed to, ahem, clean up after them, but that's one battle I'm not even gonna start in on.
Oh, yeah, and that guy up at Jones Park? The one who speaks English, but yells commands to his dog in German? Um, I don't know how to tell you this, but ........ I don't think your dog speaks German. Because while you are yelling "Sit" and "Stay" and "Heel" (or whatever it is you're saying) in German, your dog just keeps right on charging down the trail. And it makes you look like a pretentious idiot. Just sayin' .......
OK, that's the rant! I KNOW that people want to let their dogs frolic in the forest, and traipse amongst the trees, and la la la, but if your dog is not well trained - PUT A LEASH ON IT!
(Wow, all caps, even. Sorry. I get emotional about this. Whew. I feel better now.)

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