Thursday, June 21, 2007


7 is bad. So is 13, of course, and also 14.

4 is good. So are 8 and 9, and also 16.

This post brought to you by my OCD. Thanks, OCD!


Anonymous said...

8 & 12 are good for me. When I am doing repetitve exercising (hmmm, not that often then) I count to 8 or 12 then back to one.

Have I got your OCD too?

Anonymous said...

My OCD perseverates. Sometimes it's a song jammed into my head (like a five-second loop of Xtina's "Ain't No Other Man"). Sometimes it's an unusual word. Last year I heard an interview with Hugh Jackman and spent weeks subprocessing on "Huge Ackman," which I think was my brain trying to figure out what an ackman was and why this guy's ackman was so big.

But I have a special fondness for all the primes.


Rockycat said...

Gosh, fightagainstredtape, I sure hope you don't have my OCD! If you start counting to 8 or 12 and back when there is nothing to count, then you might have something to worry about.

And bridgett, I've gotta agree with you - primes are good.

Anonymous said...

I suspect I haven't for OCD: I probably wouldn't recognise a prime if it bit me on the erse.