Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jesus Christ! Enough with the Dead Penguins, Already!

I could not make it through "March of the Penguins". It was just too sad.

Last night, the documentary series "Planet Earth" was on, and I had heard that it was really good, so I started to watch. Hmmm.

First, there was an adorable fluffy white bird who got attacked and killed by a monstrous hawk-type bird. Uh-oh.

Next up, a polar bear lays down and dies because it can't catch a seal, and thus, starves to death. This is not looking good.

Oh no! Here comes the penguin segment. And yes, here we have three little baby penguins who get separated from the flock and .... you guessed it .... freeze to death.

Time to change the channel. Folks, is it just me? I cannot watch documentaries which include the brutal death of adorable animals. I just can't.

Now here is where someone points out that in a recent post, I said something along the lines of, "Yeah, my cat kills and eats backyard birds. SO WHAT?"

Am I a hypocrite? Yeah, baby!


Exador said...

To paraphrase Sam Kineson,

"Couldn't the camera crew given him a sandwich or something?"

Imagine that you're on the crew. "So...great shot of the freezing babies. Of course WE know where their mother is, but, ya know, can't interfere with nature, and circle of life, and all that."

Rockycat said...

Oh my God, I never even thought about the crew! Thanks for adding an even more horrifying dimension to a bad situation!