Monday, June 18, 2007


"Waiting" is a supposed comedy about restaurant workers. I can't say it's the worst movie I've seen lately, because I could only watch about the first 20 minutes before I couldn't stand it anymore and stopped the DVD. Plus, it had Dane Cook in it, which I did not realize before I rented it, or I wouldn't have rented it, seeing as how Dane Cook has never been funny to me. Review: Bad, although as I said I only watched the first 20 minutes. I suppose a miracle could have happened and the movie could've gotten hysterically funny at minute 21, but I'll never know.

"Blaze" is a book by Richard Bachman/Stephen King. I enjoyed it very much, especially since it did not go on and on for hundreds and hundreds of pages, the way most King books do. This was a quick afternoon read. Review: Good.

This weekend was gorgeous, weather-wise. Sunny and warm. Saturday I went down to the creek - the tadpoles are getting their legs. Yesterday was the SUNY Nature Preserve - I got caught in a rainstorm, but it stayed pretty dry under the trees. I transplanted some lilies in the garden; I started out with one lily, and it has multiplied into about 10. Go lilies!
Review: Good.

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Anonymous said...

Al is having dreams about tadpoles and frogs in our garden pond. It's a bit late here now for tadpoles but he's tempted to steal some if he finds it.