Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What in the hell is THAT?!

For the last couple of weeks, I've had a game cam on the ground out by the birdfeeder.  Mostly what it captures is sneaky sneaky deer in the middle of the night:

And in the daytime it does capture birds:

And sometimes there's a whole lot of nothing:

Except ... what's this?  Is that someone cutting through my backyard?:

Hmmm ... let's take a closer look:

It looks like ... a man?  With a hood on? And an ... apron?  But where are his FEET?

I have my theories as to what this actually is - but what do YOU think it is?  Enquiring minds want to know.


TheQueen said...

Cardboard box blowing in the wind?

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

looks like Santa to me.

rockygrace said...

haha Tails that's IT!! :)

I STILL kinda think it looks like a guy with a hoodie and an apron ... but then there's that whole "no legs" thing - my next guess is a bird flying - it kinda sorta looks like a beak on the right - but bottom line is without a better resolution photo, I have no clue.

~~Silk said...

That's where the deer come through to your yard, and it looks like that's about the height of a deer's head. Bucks in mating season will often "decorate" their antlers with brush, branches, leaves, trash, to make them look larger and impress the ladies. Perhaps a randy fellow scored a haul of trash and grocery bags, and thinks he's a very fine fellow. (His legs would be farther back in the brush and might not be visible in the photo.)

James P. said...

My guess is a guy going to or from an event where folks are dressed in medieval combat outfits......maybe one of those "battles" they stage in the woods, like the paint gun people.

James P. said...

My next three guesses:
1. He was wearing white while cutting through the woods to keep from being mistaken for a deer by hunters.
2. He was checking on an overwintering bee hive that he maintains.
3. He is a great big mental case.

spiffikins said...

I'm gonna go with housefly or other insect flying close to the lens?

Although I do like the notion of it being St Nick!

rockygrace said...

I guess it's going to remain a mystery, like the glowing orbs that show up back there in the summertime.

I think they should shoot one of those paranormal reality shows in my backyard.

James P. said...

The two white parts are congruent and opposite to each other like wings......And, yeah, there are no feet so it can't be a guy.