Friday, December 30, 2016

Freaky Friday - Christmas Edition!

It's been waaaaaay too long since I've done a Freaky Friday, where I show you some of the weird things I've collected over the years, but right now I've got the perfect opportunity, because I just bought a bunch of NEW weird stuff as Christmas presents to myself.

 I bought this sliding puzzle map - anybody else remember being driven crazy by these as a kid?:

"Provides Hours of Entertainment!"  Or, in my case back in the day, minutes of frustration, followed by flinging it against a wall, at which point all the little pieces would fall out of the case and prove impossible to fit back in again.

 I got this elephant carousel mobile at the Tibet Store in Ithaca, which is a very cool little place to visit if you're ever in the area:

Okay, quick question:  Which deer-like species has the twisty horns?   Because I bought a model of one.  It has a hook on it for hanging things (CLASSY!), although right now I'm just using it as a decoration.  But I think I'm going to have to glitter it up at some point:

Yes we did!  We visited Yellowstone!  Back when I was ... twelve, I think.  Anyway, I've finally got the bumpersticker:

And finally, there is a house up around the corner from me that - no lie - has a confederate freaking flag hanging in one of the garage windows.  So I bought this flag in retaliation.  It's an Orlando Pulse memorial flag, with intertwining hearts and the phrase "Hate Will Not Win" (which you can't read in this pic because I took the pic from the wrong side - D'OH!):

I've got it flying off my front porch.  It's really BIG - 3' x 5'.  That way, my confederate-flag-flying neighbors can see it ALL THE WAY FROM THEIR PLACE.  Ha.  (Oh and look!  To the right of the flag, you can see my little rainbow horse in the front yard!  I'll bet the neighbors LOVE IT!)

So!  That's it!  Freaky Friday!  Hope you enjoyed it!


~~Silk said...

Most likely a springbok. Possibly an impala or bontebok - but they're all related anyway.

Love the elephants!

spiffikins said...

To be honest, the face looks more cow-like to me, than deer-like, but Impala was the one I thought of, too

James P. said...

Nah, I'm gonna have to go with a Blackbuck antelope.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I love these posts.. do them more often ;)