Monday, December 05, 2016

... and they're off!

India, Punkin Pie and Mama Rosalita all went to the adoption center yesterday to find their new families! 

 They join Pebbles, who is already there (while I was at the center yesterday people were there filling out an application for her!). Pistol Pete, Lady Bernadette, Squeegee, Bam Bam and Firecracker have already been adopted and are in their new homes. That leaves Jughead and Sandy here at Foster Camp. Don't worry, guys, your turn is coming!

Saturday morning, I did my weekly cleaning stint at the rescue, and I got to meet some celebrities!  

See those two teeny beeny puppies?  That's Laverne and Shirley, and they, along with the rescue's founder, are going to be on the Harry Connick Jr. show on Tuesday!  The show was taped last week and will air tomorrow, Dec. 6.  It is going to be a short segment, only about five minutes, but hopefully the publicity will bring some much-needed funds and volunteers to this super rescue.  Set your tivos!

Here are the areas that I clean:

Two banks of containments, plus some free-standing cages (there are two cages not shown in that bottom pic).  It takes three hours to clean all those cages!  Well, plus I spend some time snuggling with the kitties. :)

After cleaning on Saturday, I had to zip over to the local Harley dealership to wrap gifts as a fundraiser for another group I volunteer with.

Look at these beautiful pups!:

Here are some of the volunteers:

We were wrapping fiends, I'm tellin' ya.

Yesterday afternoon, after running errands and then getting the girls settled at the adoption center, it was time for this:

The tree-gle has landed!  Ha.  I got it up in the stand and in the house, and that is where I ran out of weekend steam.  Phew!  I'll try to get the lights on it this week, and then hopefully the decorations will go on this coming weekend, although I once again find myself booked both days with rescue events, so time will tell.  Deck the halls, indeed. :)


James P. said...

I'm still shrieking NOOOOOOOOOOOO from the first lines of this post since I have trouble every time a kitty leaves to be adopted. I fully realize that is the whole point of fostering, but still..............NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Maybe Jug and Sandy will love having all the attention from you.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

well, way to bury the lead! :) I hope the show is wildly successful and you get not only lots of exposure but also lots of buy-in!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Btw, totally love the chick feeder cat toy :)

rockygrace said...

Ginny (James P.), I will admit, I had an awful time giving up Punkin Pie. *sigh*

and Tails, was it YOUR blog I got the chick-feeder idea from? I know I saw it SOMEWHERE on line ... if so, thank you!