Friday, March 18, 2016

Pro tips!

(a) Breaking into tears at your desk because of the stress of trying to do an impossible task leads to your boss giving you the afternoon off from work.

(b)  Day drinking is a perfectly legitimate way to spend an unexpected afternoon off from work.



~~Silk said...

Good for the needed break, but I hope it doesn't mean you have four fewer hours to finish that task.

rockygrace said...

I told my boss that the task was now his. I told him he could fire me if he wanted to, but I would quit before I would spend any more time on that futile, infuriating project that is in the weeds where it is because of HIS fuckups. That was when he told me to take the afternoon off, and informed me that on Monday, he would finish the work.

I highly doubt that is going to happen, I think he'll probably just fudge something together and pass it on, but regardless, I am DONE working on that particular piece of futility.

~~Silk said...

(Cheering here)