Friday, March 04, 2016

Cats of Walmart

Yes, the saga continues.  In an effort to get a better idea of when the calico cat is coming around, to determine the optimum trap-setting time, I volunteered to set up my gamecam on Tuesday.  The trap was left unset, so as not to inadvertently catch the wrong cat.

Look!  It's calico:

 and yes, if I had to guess, I'd say that she is probably with child, er, kittens.

Heeeeeeere's babydaddy!  (Allegedly.  Ahem.)

The woman doing the feeding thought there was one more cat hanging around, and she was right:

Hey, THESE are funny looking cats:

and wow, THIS one looks even FUNNIER:

Jeez, this lady's feeding the entire Wild Kingdon back behind Walmart!  That's the problem when you free-feed ferals, i.e., leave food out all the time:  You never know who's going to show up at the snack bar.  It's much easier when people do limited feedings, that is, put the food down, leave it down for half an hour, and then pick it back up again until the next scheduled feeding.  That puts an end to the wildlife showing up, and it gets the ferals on a schedule, making for easier trapping. Hopefully when I show these pics to the woman doing the feeding, she'll agree.  Time to get these cats trapped and into rescue care and put an end to the endless buffet.

I'll keep you posted ...


Becs said...

Au contraire - when I was doing limited feeding of the feral cats (all gone now), the raccoons learned the time table, especially in the morning.

fmcgmccllc said...

I have no experience with any of this but you need a ginormous cage and get them all at once. Wowza. Her food bill has to be huge.

James P. said...

They're ALL just so cute and fuzzy. The actual CATS look pretty healthy in these dark shots! That's good, but I wonder where the two that aren't calico live. Maybe they have homes and the Walmart is on their rounds at night?

rockygrace said...

Becs, that's good (or bad) to know. Sheesh!

fmcetc., I dream about inventing some kind of giant net that would drop down over the entire area. :)

and Ginny, there is a trailer park very close to Walmart, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that's where the other cats are coming from. That's why the only one the woman will be doing trap-and-relocate on is the calico. The other two would probably be trapped, vet-checked and spayed or neutered if necessary, and released back at the same spot, to avoid carting off someone's family pet.

And I will tell you that the calico ALMOST got trapped last night. The trap was set, she waltzed right in, and she LEANED OVER the trigger plate to get at the food. We're dealing with Kitty Einstein here.