Friday, March 11, 2016

PG or not PG? That is the question

Okay, first off, an update:  The (alleged) babydaddy has been captured!  He is going to be neutered, and then, because he is feral, he will released in the same place where Kitty Mama will be released if she decides to remain feral.  That leaves one remaining cat, the tabby, still to go, and then the Walmart feral colony will be all taken care of.  We're going to let the raccoons and the possums fend for themselves, thankyouverymuch.

Now, to the question at hand.

Just like it's not a good idea to ask a woman if she's pregnant, it also can be tricky telling if a CAT is pregnant, and how far along she is.  With the last pregnant cat I fostered, Honey, I was SURE that she had a couple of weeks to go, or possibly wasn't even pregnant at all, when I went in the foster room one morning, and, Surprise!  Kittens!

It is not uncommon at all for a foster cat thought to be pregnant to turn out to be not pregnant at all.  Short of doing an ultrasound, which most rescues can't afford to have done simply to determine pregnancy, there really isn't any good way to tell, as many cats can carry a pregnancy without showing much at all until the last few days.  And some cats blow up like balloons and turn out to be simply well-fed.

So!  We come to Kitty Mama.  I am taking the word of the woman who rescued her that she's pregnant.  I mean, that was the big hurry on trapping her.  It really doesn't matter much to me one way or the other:  I'll either be fostering her and her kittens, or just her, for the next couple of months.  But!  I have to admit that I wouldn't mind having some itty-bitty baby kittens in the foster room, along with Kitty Mama.

Let's go to the game cam, shall we?

Hmmm, she doesn't look pregnant to me:

Oh, but wait, I think I see a bulge:

Nope, she looks totally normal:

But waaaaaaait a minute!:

Haha basically, I have no idea at this point.  Anyone care to hazard any guesses?


Portia said...

I say yes, kitties to come soon, but as to when, I say no clue

rockygrace said...

Portia, we'll have to wait and see!

Becs said...

IMHO, the back view proves it. She's preggers.

rockygrace said...

Becs, the suspense is killing me!