Monday, February 01, 2016

Saturday at the shelter

Saturday, I spent the day at the shelter.  So last week, I made a cardboard cat condo to take with me.  Of course, my boys had to check it out first.  "Okay, laydee, looks good; we think the shelter cats will like it!":

Soda decided that further quality control testing was warranted:

Saturday morning, it was time to head for the shelter.  I made a stop along the way, because this kind woman was donating lots of stuff! She didn't have time to run it up to the shelter, so I took it along with me.

Now for the big moment - Would the shelter cats like their new condo?

Yep, it was a hit!

Plain cardboard is also fine, as far as the cats are concerned:

No, the floor isn't dirty.  It's just an old concrete floor that's all scuffed and stained.  The shelter is going to cover it with easily-cleanable tile, just as soon as somebody hits the lottery.

This pretty girl is looking for a home:

And here's my favorite part of spending time at the shelter - Time for a kitty pile!  Come on, guys, I'll sit on the floor, now pile on!:

At one time point I had a lap full of cats, plus not one but TWO cats up on my shoulders.  Covered in cats!  No good for my allergies, but always lots of fun.


Random Felines said...

that's a nice condo you made....and yay for donations :)

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I agree, that is a very nice condo.

James P. said...

Looks like the Kitty Kondo took a hit and was rearranged.......That's OK. It's still full of fluffy objects.

James P. said...

The "swarming" looks like fun, but I suspect you've been spritzing yourself with Chanel's Eau des Turkey Giblets AGAIN.

rockygrace said...

The great thing about the cardboard condos is that they're disposable. And cheap!

and Ginny, I always leave there covered in cat hair. There was one cat there Saturday who would LEAP across the room to land on unsuspecting visitors. It was pretty startling the first time he landed on me.

James P. said...

The good news about the swarming is that every one of those little guys/gals is adoptable........not having a problem interacting with people.