Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rainbow Horse in the snow

Winter.  Ugh.


James P. said...

Why is there a sled leaning against your porch railing?

Horse looks great as always.

rockygrace said...

The sled? It's a seasonal decoration. :)

And I'm always amazed that nobody walks off with my lawn statues, like Rainbow Horse, until I realize that I'm proooooobably the only one who wants 'em.

James P. said...

My personal thought is that they are afraid of you. Kids who are destined to be thugs steal stuff because it is fun.......not because they want it. They've probably heard about your team of Precision Attack Cats.

rockygrace said...

Well, there WAS that time I saw a kid swiping a pumpkin off my lawn, chased him up the street (in my sock feet), caught him and gave him what-for ... maybe word got out.

Beware the crazy lady on the corner. :)