Friday, February 26, 2016

Recent Pics

That moment when you get up to clean your brushes, and return to discover that SOMEONE has walked across your painting:

"Not ME, lady!  My paws are CLEAN!":

The ice is starting to leave the creeks:

and when the sky is blue it seems warmer out, somehow:

"I may not have many TEETH left, SodaPUNK, but I can still kick your butt!":

Speaking of Soda, he makes an excellent bookrest:

And Tinks has utilized the winter months to perfect his side-eye.

"Pardon me, would you have any Gray Poupon?"


James P. said...

Great shots of the kitties.......I might have to use Tinks as a background for a while.

The "modification" to your painting looks something like geese flying, so.......

James P. said...

P.S. Not accusing anyone here, but it is entirely possible that a certain cat named Pony might have LICKED his paws clean before interrogation.

rockygrace said...

haha that's certainly possible, Ginny.

James P. said...

P.P.S. .....AND....he has given himself away by refusing to make eye contact during interrogation. Guilty as charged... *thwacks gavel on desk*