Monday, February 29, 2016

Here have some more pictures JUST TAKE 'EM

Man oh man, there is NOTHING going on around here right now.  Work continues to be a sh*tshow, home life is boring, blah blah blah.

But!  Here is one thing I was thinking about:  on The Amazing Race, they should show the completion times on the various challenges.  Like, on last week's episode, the teams had to race around a marketplace looking for matching handbags.  And this one person was, like, "Well, we should probably skip that one, because by the time we finished it'd be dark out and it'd be hard to find the handbags."  Which left me wondering, how long, exactly, do these challenges take?  I mean, on that one episode, the old dude was supposed to be doing that challenge in the cave, but he kept wandering around outside, and I was wondering, how long did it take him to figure that mothereffer OUT?  Enquiring minds want to know.  So they should show running timers on the contestants.  Get right on that, Amazing Race.

So!  The weekend.  Still no foster kittens.  I like to give myself and my cats a nice long foster hiatus in the winter, especially this year, with Pony recovering from his dental surgery, although honestly, he seems pretty much OVER it, already.  I can't believe how fast these cats heal up.  Fairly soon I'll be itching for kittens again, so we'll see.  Kitten season doesn't really ramp up around here for another couple of months, so I might end up doing an older foster in the meantime.  It all depends on the needs of the rescues, of course, so I'll just have to wait and see.

Efforts continue to catch Walmart cat.  Yesterday, the baby daddy actually went into the trap first, so the woman trying to catch her ran over to shoo baby daddy away from the trap, as she is afraid that if Walmart cat sees another cat get trapped by the trap-that's-not-a-trap, Walmart cat will refuse to go near it.  I told her that (a) she (the woman, not the cat) was probably OVERTHINKING this whole thing, ahem, JUST SET THE DAMN TRAP ALREADY AND LET THINGS SHAKE OUT AS THEY MAY, and (b) once she finally GETS Walmart cat, I will trap baby daddy MYSELF if I have to and get him neutered, so the Circle of Walmart Life will finally END.  SHEESH.

Here's some pictures from yesterday's walk:

And Tinks would like you to know along with perfecting his side-eye, he has ALSO spent the winter months cultivating his ear floof:

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