Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Thanks, Neighbor

Turns out that the woman who (allegedly) drunk-drove into a couple of utility poles (after attempting to pass someone in a no-passing zone), thus cutting power to a good chunk of my town on Sunday night, lives right up the street from me.

I think pitchforks and torches are in order.  Ha.

The scary thing is, according to news reports she was heading AWAY from her house when she crashed.  Late-night Easter Sunday beer run, perhaps?  Sheesh.  She's got a couple of young kids, too - the big-screen TV in their living room, which is clearly visible from the street, is set to a cartoon channel every morning when I drive by her house on my way to work.  Way to set a good example for your kids, lady.

Am I being judgmental?  OH YES I AM.  Because of her, a lot of people, including the elderly, had to go without heat on a night when the temps went down into the twenties.

Screw you, neighbor.  Screw you very much.

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