Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And a lesser Beatle, at that

A company for which our firm provides consulting services has an employee named Ringo.


I just ... who would think it's a good idea to name your kid Ringo?

It's one of those names that is just ... taken.  Like, REALLY taken. 

I mean, not in a bad connotation, really; it's not like they named him Adolph.  But Ringo wasn't (isn't?) even that good of a musician, for Pete's sake.  And this guy is in his thirties, tops, so it's not like it was coincidental.  And no, it's not a nickname - it's his given name.

Why would you name your kid Ringo?

Enquiring minds want to know.



the queen said...

You can just assume he has brothers named John ,Paul , and George..

rockygrace said...

Ha! There ya go, queen. SOMEBODY had to get stuck with Ringo.